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1:20pm 06-10-2020
dear chigu,
hello and thanks for your message in my guestbook. my log is obviously public but the concept of someoneactually reading my logs is such a foreign concept to me! hope this isn't strange to say, but I appreciate your openness in your message and I'm glad that my entries resonated...I hope you continue to update your diary. it's a nice feeling to be able to reread and relive the tender and wonderful memories. but it's weirdly helpful to have a record of the bleak moments as well.

I'm sorry about your experience with that person. whatever happened, I'm sure you tried your best with the information you had at the time. I hope you'll find peace within yourself one day.

thanks again for your message! wishing you all the best.
12:46pm 11-23-2019
i think digital diaries are interesting in this age of insincerity and endless irony online, because diaries are a snapshot of the thoughts one has at that time, captured in a way that has no real regard for what appears "cool" or not. in some ways, i think digital diaries can come across as a freer variation of the typical diary because hypertext is so flexible as a format, but also maybe because some things are less embarrassing to type rather than write down on paper. hmm, it seems this turned into something longer than i expected, but ultimately i believe you should keep at it with this digital diary!